About Us

About the Company

The Jai Shree Ram & Company, Jaipur. Mess & Canteen Service providers a customized, prompt, dependable and pocket friendly service to clients who require delicious and nutrious vegetarian or vegan food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The company also provides catering service for Hostels, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universies, Corporate offices, Corporate Industries and other similar catering services. The Company focus is on Healthy, hygienic, quality, purity, vegetarian, variety and customer sasfacon and has a wide variety of items in its menu. All of its products are prepared homestyle with the finest and best quality ingredients. The Jai Shree Ram & Company, Jaipur is equipped to handle last minute Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with utmost importance customer sasfacon

Why We Are Different

The Jai Shree Ram & Company, Jaipur has an extremely different work process from others. The spices that we use here are first tested and then used. We buy only good quality spices and then blend it. This ensures that there is almost no chance of any sort of impurity. There is a uniformity in all the spices we use for E.g. Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric, Coriander, hot spices (Garam Masala), etc.

We also deals in high and good quality dry-fruits, say, Almonds, Cashew, Figs, Dolts Apricots, Walnuts etc.

Our aim is to provide pure and healthy vegetarians food to all living for from their home food, should not only sasfy hunger, but also provide nutrients and energy.

To get such food in today's commercialized world, is very tough and almost impossible. We have tried to make it possible and that is our prime moo.

We aim to provide quality food to all there is free from any sort of impuries. We ensure that food is completely pure and vegetarian.

Our Story

While working with another catering service provider company in India, we realized how could we bridge the inefficiencies and provide highest quality service in the Industry. Having learned this, we decided to take a plunge into the entrepreneurial ocean and have been excelling ever since.


  • Personalized & cost - effecve service to clients.
  • Full involvement of Management.
  • Supply of delicious, hygienic and quality with healthy food.
  • Ensure meeng your needs at short noce.
  • Dedicated and experienced workforce.
  • Efficient logisc arrangements.

Our Motto

Contract for Pure, Nutritious, Healthy, and Delicious Food in all over India.